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Access VBA SaveAs does not work on Office 2013 of WOrd

From Access, when I have created a Word Document using VBA to open the document and populate it with data (using Bookmarks), I then usually save that document in a specific location with specific name, using the following VBA code:

objWord.ActiveDocument.SaveAs strSave

Where strSave is a string designating the location, like: "C:\Database\Documents\20003.docx".  This has been working for years in different databases I have built from Access 2003 to 2010. Now, if I use that VBA code with Word 2013, it no longer works. It simply opens the Save As box and invites me to save the document in its original folder with its existing name, so I then have to manually select the new folder and new name.

I have searched Google for answers, but no luck. Can anyone tell me how to write the VBA code in the Office 2013 environment that will do the same as SaveAs does in the Office 2010 environment?
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NorieAnalyst Assistant

Have you tried specifying the file format?


Hi Norie. Thanks for responding.

No - According to a Microsoft article I read, if you don't specify the format, it will simply default to the current format. Did I get that wrong? If so, do you have a reference on how to specify the format?
PROBLEM SOLVED  - i found the solution elsewhere. The  computer on which I was experiencing this problem was an Acer. When MS Office 2013 is installed on an Acer PC, the Acer management software automatically installs the Acer ICloud Add-in to Word. This Add-In interferes with the operation of VBA commands sent from other Office components (in my case Access). The result is that the SaveAs command does not work and Word simply presents a Save As box.

The solution is to disable the Acer ICloud Add-In on the Word Options section. I have done this and the VBA Code works perfectly now on the SaveAs function.
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