Help generating a csv file of users group membership with PowerShell

Hello Powershell Experts,

I'm trying to recreate my work domain on a virtual machine on my laptop to do some testing on.  I have recreated the OU structure.  I have recreated all of the groups (and they are in the proper OUs).  I have recreated all of the user accounts (and they are in the proper OUs).  I have used Powershell and CSV files to do all of the work up this point.  Now I would like to recreate group membership using Poweshell.  My thought was to do something like this in the production domain:

$Users = Get-QADUser  | select samaccountname

foreach ($User in $Users){Get-QADGroup -ContainsMember $user.SamAccountName | select `

I was anticipating an output like:
SamAccountName                                                                   Group
NickD                                                                                           Domain Users
NickD                                                                                          Accounting
JimJ                                                                                              Domain Users
JimJ                                                                                              IT
JimJ                                                                                             Local Admins
DrewB                                                                                        Domain Users
DrewB                                                                                        HR
DrewB                                                                                        Benefit Admin
DrewB                                                                                        Payroll

I could then take this output and export it to a csv file to move to the test domains and add membership from this file.

The problem is my code doesn't generate any output.  I just get:
SamAccountName                                                               Group

If I run the following, I get an accurate list of groups for the $user.samaccountname:
get-qadgroup -containsmember $user.samaccountname

Please help me out with what I'm doing wrong on this.

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Hi, this should generate that CSV file for you.



Get-ADUser -filter {objectClass -eq "user"} | 
foreach {
    $samAccountName = $_.samaccountname
    Get-ADPrincipalGroupMembership -Identity $($samAccountName) | 
    Select -ExpandProperty Name | Select @{n='User';e={$($samAccountName)}},@{n='Group';e={$_}}
} | Export-Csv -Path ".\UsersAndGroups.txt" -NoTypeInformation

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Oh, and Get-QADUser is a Quest cmdlet, Powershell now has built in AD cmdlets if you have RSAT installed.


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Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
AD Web services is not available if all your DCs are Win2K3.  Get-ADUSER will work with Win2K8 DCs (or if you have a Win2K8 or higher DC) with AD Web Services running on it.
ndalmolin_13Author Commented:
This is awsome!  If I wanted to resort based on groups, where would I put the sort-object command?
Hi, if you want the same data, just sorted by group, put the sort before the Export-CSV cmdlet.

Get-ADUser -filter {objectClass -eq "user"} | 
foreach {
    $samAccountName = $_.samaccountname
    Get-ADPrincipalGroupMembership -Identity $($samAccountName) | 
    Select -ExpandProperty Name | Select @{n='User';e={$($samAccountName)}},@{n='Group';e={$_}}
} | Sort-Object Group | Export-Csv -Path ".\UsersAndGroups.txt" -NoTypeInformation

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