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Web Based User management for Active Directory

kiwistag asked
I've seen some AD login portals for Active Directory where you can reset your password (where e-mailed), but what I'm after in this instance is a web portal for authorised staff to add new users to the network (students).
I started writing a VB app to do this, however the checks and interface may be easier as a web one.

Has anyone had a go at doing this and/or does anyone know of some example sites showing how to set it up?

The picture attached shows the layout that we'd use for the student data (all required), with NSN being the National Student ID and ESOL tickbox identifying international (exchange) students. The system loads each year level to it's own OU in Active Directory with the ESOL option adding them to a Security group.

We use Google Apps for e-mail instead of Exchange (not that it makes much difference).
Our network is Server 2008 R2 based and all Win7+ OS PC's.
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I know you asked for code, but have you looked at existing commercial solutions?


Looks good - we've used some of their products before.. Have to find the budget to get it if we do..
It'd require some frontend modification (if it's capable of doing it) for the levels/limits we require also.
bbaoIT Consultant
if you are looking for an enterprise solution, you may consider HP Operation Orchestration (OO). your requiremnt managing AD users via a customise portal can be easily done with OO using its script and workflow.



you may try it free trial to have a better understanding about what OO can do. basically it can automate almost everything at the backend of your data center.


Thanks. I'll have a look at both. We have a meeting with our local Solutions Provider today as well and will see what they recommend also. It's good to know about the solutions you (bbao & shalomc) have provided as it could be useful elsewhere.


Although not what I was after, they supplied great alternatives.