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New monitors

zelfanet asked
I just updated to two new 24 inch LG ips LED monitors. I have them set to native resolution. The problem is that they are too bright. I have reduced the contrast and brightness down significantly to the point where the white has a bluefish tint, but the white is still to bright for me and my eyes are getting very tired.

It does help if I turn of the lights overhead and a firiend loaned me a pair of Amber gunnar glasses. The glasses seem to do the trick, but I'd rather not have to. The strange part is that I work in different pc's all the time in an office environment and never have any issues. Any ideas?
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Robert RComputer Service Technician
it all has to with the lighting of the environment of the workstation. The less light in the environment the more intense will the glare from the monitor will appear. If the brightness and contrast are turned right down and it is still hard on the eyes maybe you need to choose another model of monitor that will not fatigue the eyes.


hmmm, so I need a new monitor?
Robert RComputer Service Technician
Most monitors are designed to be used in a well lit environment, the more light in the environment the more brightness and contrast settings will be.  If the specific model is to bright and the settings can not be turned down enough to be acceptable, then yes you need to change the model of monitor you are using. I advise you to go to a place where you can see the monitor's displayed and judge for yourself which monitor will be able to display at a brightness and contrast that will not give you headaches. Talk to the salesmen I am sure they can help find one that will work for you. Many years ago they used to make special filters that you paste on the outside of the screen this would filter the glare coming from the monitors, it would also prevent people from viewing your screen and see confidential information unless they were looking on the screen directly. If you looked at the screen at an angle then the person would not be able to see the screen. We used to install these filters on the monitors used by banks. These filters if you can find out where to get them or if they still exist were fairly expensive but a fraction of the cost of buying a new monitor. I guess they still make them they are called  monitor privacy  filters manufactured by 3m.  Go here for more information: http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/SDP/Privacy_Filters/Products/One/
zelfanet there's two areas you can adjust the warmth colour of monitor calibrate it use the True Color Finder
 via the functions key or the menu on the monitor
 The software disk  supplied with the 27EA83 contains three applications: the TUSB3410 driver, the True Color Pro/Finder calibration software and Screen Split software for Picture-in-Picture displays.

the other via your nvidia control panel if you have an Nvidia display card
In the Nvidia control panel in windows control panel
Nvidia control panel adjust desktop colour settings
Nvidia control panel adjust desktop colour settings