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How do I reset the scrollable columns in Excel to the default settings?

shampouya asked
I tried to paste three values into a worksheet, into cells A1, B1, and C1. By accident I highlighted rows A, B and C before I pasted. That caused the values to be repeated throughout the rows, as far as excel would go. Then I saved the file, also by accident. Now my worksheet has thousands of columns I can scroll through, even though I deleted all those new columns. This is making all procedures in this worksheet very slow. Does anybody know how I can reset the number of columns to the default setting? I don't want to restrict what can be scrolled, I want to reset.
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Hi shampouya

Have you Deleted contents or totally deleted the columns with empty cells?

Make sure to highlight all the columns and then right click and select delete.

You should Delete as below picture. This will adjust the scroll bar to default.


select all rows that you don't like and the choose "Clear" - "Clear All"  from menu then Save
every thing will get back to normal
Rob HensonFinance Analyst

The default will always be 16,384 columns (out to column XFD) and rows down to 1,048,576. However, just because they are physically there, if they are not used they will not be included in the Used Range and the scroll bars should reflect that.

As Jean Marc has suggested physically deleting the surplus rows/columns should reset the used area but will also need a save to enforce it. FarWest's suggestion about using the Clear All sometimes works but not always.

Rob H