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WLAN setup

I'm looking into building a more reliable WLAN in our office building. Currently we're using Sonicpoints, managed through a Sonicwall firewall. The problem is that there are some blind spots in some places or get some of the WAPs to become overloaded, with devices not getting spread around to other WAPs. Any suggestion on what kind of tools or methods should I use in order to get better performance for the wireless connection? I know it is kind of a vague request but I'm just looking for a place to start building on your experience in dealing with WLANs

Thank you!
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Cloud Architect
I think the best option would be to either invest in a WiFi spectrum analyzer (hardware and software) or hire a specialist that has these tools and can do a survey of your WiFi network.

Only then it will be possible to pinpoint certain issues and solve bad coverage by adding/moving access points according to what the survey results are. After the changes a new survey needs to be performed to asses the new situation.

There are lots of tools out there and much can be achieved with tools that are available for free, it just depends on how much time you have to get comfortable with them.