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Is there an easy way a Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7 can send an email on Reboot.

I would like to know when the systems I manage reboot.  (There are some programs on them that sometimes require attention on restarts).  Is there any program that I can schedule using the task scheduler to send an email?  I found a few scripts online, but they seem to require runtime libraries to be installed.  I would prefer a low-maintenance stand-alone program.
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When the server boots, the event log service starts (event id 6005). You can create a task that sends an email when this happens:
- Open System events.
- Right click the event id 6005.
- Pick "Attach task to this event".
- Accept the default name or put your own, maybe named "SendEmailAtBoot"
- For Action, pick Send an Email. Enter email parameters.
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Hi hkrongelb... Just wondering if you still need help with this.
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I had posted a response, but apparently it never made it to the site.

I followed your suggestion and it worked.  I also tried send an email on startup, which also works.  Is it possible (or even a good idea) to implement this through group policy?
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