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Retention Policies set but files not deleting Items Exchange 2010

Thomas Grassi
Thomas Grassi asked
Exchange Server 2010 SP3 RU8 64 bit
Windows 2008 R2 64 bit

Created 3 retention Policy Tags
1. Clear Deleted Items Age Limit 14 days Action Delete and Allow Recovery

2. Delete Junk E-Mail Age Limit 14 days Action Delete and Allow Recovery

3. Clear Sent Items Age Limit 45 days Action Delete and Allow Recovery

In Outlook Clients When I click on the folder Deleted Items, Sent Items Junk E-Mail I click on Policy and I see the Policy named from the retention tag.

I do get event Id 10027 every so often showing  

Log Name:      Application
Source:        MSExchangeMailboxAssistants
Date:          2/25/2015 5:52:26 PM
Event ID:      10027
Task Category: Managed Folder Assistant
Level:         Information
Keywords:      Classic
User:          N/A
Computer:      my exchange server
Statistics of MRM expiration at end of this work cycle:
       TotalItemsSoftDeleted:  6
       TotalItemsPermanentlyDeleted:  46
       TotalItemsMoved:  0
       TotalSizeItemsSoftDeleted:  23012 Bytes
       TotalSizeItemsPermanentlyDeleted:  3613040 Bytes
       TotalSizeItemsMoved:  0 Bytes
       TotalItemsWithPersonalTag:  0
       TotalItemsWithDefaultTag:  9
       TotalItemsWithSystemCleanupTag:  0
       TotalItemsExpiredByDefaultExpiryTag:  6
       TotalItemsExpiredByPersonalExpiryTag:  0
             TotalItemsMovedByDefaultArchiveTag:  0
             TotalItemsMovedByPersonalArchiveTag:  0

But I see no logs in this folder  D:\program files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\v14\logging\Managed Folder Assistant

The main problem is that I have items in the three folders older than the retention policy age days.

Example I have entries dates in 2014 still

I was hoping that the Retention Policy with the correct tags would clean up these folders.

I was hoping to see the logs to help determine what is going on.

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Domain Architect
Please follow the below kb it might be help you to understand how retention policy work in exchange.

Thomas GrassiSystems Administrator



Thanks for responding

I used that same article to do my setup.

I have two questions here.

1. Why do I still have emails in my folders when the retention policy tags are set at 14 days?

2. Why am I not seeing any Log files for Retention Policies?

I believe I have the Tags and Policy setup and assigned properly

Thomas GrassiSystems Administrator



I found this


Trying these commands

Set-Mailbox –Identity JSmith –RetentionPolicy “IT Department Retention Policy”
Set-MailboxComplianceConfiguration –Identity JSmith –RetentionAutoTaggingEnabled $True
Get-MailboxComplianceConfiguration –Identity JSmith

Set-MailboxComplianceConfiguration  and Get-MailboxComplianceConfiguration     are not valid cmdlets

What  am I missing here?
Thomas GrassiSystems Administrator


Thank you for the info

Closing this since no response

The retention policy seems to be working now.

Just need logging of some kind a report of this would be great.