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AXISHK asked
Need to look for a solution to rebuild our Window for 50 - 60 laptops (Window 7 / 8, around 10 different models). My old Ghost copy doesn't work.

In the past, we use a bootable portable HDD to build a workstation. Start the ghost and select the ghost image to rebuild it.

Try to create a similar solution but I can't find this copy any more. What's the best and cheapest way to handle this ?

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I would recommend Clonezilla  (http://clonezilla.org). I has worked well for me and many others... Open source too....

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Ghost will not work for your requirement as it just clone a HD bit by bit to another hence it can't be used to delpoy OS to different hardware.

you need a Microsoft way to image the OS (not the HD) and deploy it to vaired computers from different vendors hence on different hardware, using SYSPREP and IMAGEX.

hardware differences (e.g kernel files and device drivers) will be generalised against the target Windows, hence you need to copy required device drivers for all computer models to the HD before making the image, this will simply the custimisation for each Windos installation based on the image.
you may manually deploy the image to the 50-60 laptops via a network share on your network or a self-burned DVD to boot on these laptops individually.

you may also set up a Windows server to deploy the images to laptops automatically. with an AD domain, you may also do this with Group Policy applied.


What is Syspref?

What is ImageX?

What is Windows Deployment Services?
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You can use the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit to create your master images (always create the master image in a virtual machine) and then create your install task sequences and from the advanced options select media create a new media folder .. you can copy the contents of the content folder to a usb drive and then use that for installation
MDT is free.


Is there any further detail or step-by-step guide to setup this ? Tks
Adam LeinssSystems Administrator
Amazing site: http://deploymentresearch.com/ 

All about MDT, all from a MS MVP on deployment tech
Mike TLeading Engineer

MDT is the main tool you want/need as mentioned already. It is free but there's more to it than Ghost.
It can be done in half a day if you have experience, but longer if you are new to imaging, sysprep and deployment in general.

I have already given an answer with good links here previously. Please see here:

for more.