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What's a good company for erasing Internet history?

Client would like to remove as much past history on the Internet as can be erased.

I realize that the nature of the Internet is such that it may be impossible to remove everything.  

But whatever an experienced firm can do will still be a good step.  

Any recommendations?

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Dave BaldwinFixer of Problems
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Don't pay for something that can't be done.  You can only remove the info that is under your control.  If you are listed on any of the many sites that provide info for a fee, you are unlikely to be able to remove anything from them.  Maybe if you pay them but I have never seen that offered.
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Client will need to honcho this.

Log into all social media accounts (facebook, twitter, youtube, reddit, etc.) and delete them. This even goes for old accounts that may have been forgotten about (ie. myspace, flickr, etc.).

If client has posted comments on peoples blogs, she'll need to go and delete them if possible, or contact the site owners and delete them.

Client will want to do thorough searching on Google for her personal information (real name, screen names, etc.). If any sites contain information that she does not want to be public, she'll need to reach out to the site owners and request takedown. If site owners are non-responsive, then a cease & desist letter may need to be employed.

Beyond this, most information available in public records will be nearly impossible to remove.