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Outlook 2013 users on remote desktop server cannot search their hosted exchange email.

I have a Windows 2008R2 setup as a remote desktop server with 10 users. We have Microsoft 365 hosted Exchange and Outlook 2013.
All of our users are setup on the server as non-cached accounts. When they search their mailboxes, they get a message that says nothing could be found even though we are certain the search criteria is correct.
I have seen answers to questions regarding the same symptoms but they seem to regard each profile individually. It seems our issue effected all users at the same time. In other words, everyone's search capabilities stopped at the same time. Am I to assume we all need to re index our mail profiles or is something else going on?
Thanks in advance.
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There is no index when accessing the accounts in Online mode. Check the the scope of the search, make sure they are running it against the whole mailbox not just specific folder.
Thomas AnthonySecurity Administrator