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I want to fetch 300 columns data to excel, sheet , it is not working , can you suggest  me a simple way to do that ,

it is like a table has 300 columns , and i want to transfer data for all the columns to Excel sheet , can you please suggest that .
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Assuming you have a version of Excel newer than 2003, you should be able to 'pull' it from Excel with 'Data/Data from OtherSources/SQL Server' by choosing your SQL Server and selecting the table or view you want the data from.
Tapan PattanaikSenior EngineerCommented:
Hi BeyondBGCM,

This is the very simplest method,but in different way.

1- First write the sql query in SQL Server Management Studio to fetch your required data.
2- select "Copy with Headers" in the results by right clicking on results.
3- Copy the data to excel.

Please check the attached screen shot.

Copy With Headers
BeyondBGCMAuthor Commented:
yes, you are correct , but it takes time , more than 30 minutes , to fetch 28000 rows .... and still not diaplaying
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BeyondBGCMAuthor Commented:
but above is manual method , and will require lot of time ..... the excel connection with sql is better, but this too is taking lot of time , more than 30 minutes  now .....
Tapan PattanaikSenior EngineerCommented:
HI BeyondBGCM,

Yes, It will take time for downloading the number of records. (Number columns +  Number of rows).
In your case number of column is 300 and row is around 28000
Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
How are you performing that operation?
In SSMS you can use the Export Data wizard by right-clicking on the desired database name then chose Tasks / Export Data...
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