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Backup Exec 2010 and backup to disk on RDX Issue


I have a client that has the following configuration:

1. SBS 2011
2. Backup Exec 2010
3. RDX Device with 5 disks 320GB capacity.

I configured backup exec to backup to a folder called "server" on the RDX. On all 5 disks there is a backup folder "server" so in theory no matter which disk is in the device, the backup exec can use it for backup.

BE is configured to always overwrite the media on the drive. The media set is configured to allow overwrite all the time.

The issue is that the client is changing the disk from time to time, so at one point the drive inside the server is 70% full, and the backup job cannot complete. BE does not overwrite the media in the folder.

What I am missing ?

Thank you ;)
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System Engineer
Even if it is configured to allow overwrite all the time on the job, if you have an overwrite protection period on your media set and did not change a default global parameter in the soft, it will not overwrite your backup as long as the retention period is not expired.
Is there only one job or several ones?


It is one job.

Overwrite and append periods set to: 0
Mr Tortu(r)eSystem Engineer
Maybe it is overwriting that way :
- it creates the new backup file
- so at the moment you have the old backup file and the new backup file altogether on the disk
- then delete the old backup file

To ensure you always have a backup ; because if it first delete the old file and then the new backup fail you have no backup at all.

I also don't really understant how you had configure your backup exec : you have created 5 backup folders on disk?
If you have only one job what is the target device of your job??

Ok your overwrite period set is 0 ; what about the media overwrite protection level? (whhich is a global setting)


I have one target folder called "server", that is copied over to all five disk, because the user onside  changes them whenever he has free time - it can be every day or once per week.