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Creating / Changing Keyboard Shortcuts for Macros in Add Ins

shacho asked
I have a slew of procedures I've created over the years that I store in an xlam Add In.  Some of them can be activated with keyboard shortcuts.  In Excel 2013, I can't seem to figure out how to change the shortcuts I created.  Do add in macros just not show up in the macro dialog interface?   Oddly, I can't find anything on the internet to answer this question.
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No, routines in add-ins don't appear in the macros dialog - although you can type the routine name into the macro name part and it will then be available to run, or change the shortcuts.

It's usually easier to have a routine in the add-in that assigns the key combinations using Application.OnKey in the Workbook_Open event.
Actually, I figured it out by tinkering around in the VBE.  I changed the "IsAddin" property of the add in's "ThisWorkbook" object to false, and it immediately became a live workbook with all its public procedures visible in the Marco dialog.  From there I was able to edit the shorcuts.  When finished I just changed the IsAddin property back to True and clicked save in the VBE.  All done.


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