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Draytek QoS setup

I have 2 Draytek 2860's connected via an ipsec vpn tunnel.
I want to enable QoS for the internal phone system so that I can reserve some of the bandwidth of the vpn link for phone traffic.

In Bandwidth Management / Quality of Service I created a ‘Service Type’ called LAN-LAN, protocol TCP, port number 51 (for ipsec).
I then edited the ‘Class 1’ rule, local address Any, remote address the ip of the other Draytek, service type IPSEC-AH (IP:51)
Then clicked Setup on WAN2 (the active WAN connection), enabled the QoS control for BOTH directions, set the inbound and outbound bandwidths and reserved 25% for Class 1.
I haven’t ticked ‘Enable UDP Bandwidth Control or Outbound TCP ACK Prioritize as I didn’t know what they were for.
I then replicated this setup on the other Draytek.
If someone could tell me if I have set it up right I would be very grateful.

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