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How to create a cluster shared volume to use to create a cluster

Rick Goodman
Rick Goodman asked
I have a NetApp with a LUN on each controller. Each LUN is mapped to a single Hyper-V Host. I'm trying to move to a clustered Hyper-V configuration with these hosts but can't seem to figure out the "which came first, the chicken or the egg" question. Everything I find out there says you need a clustered share and quorum to create the cluster but when I try to create a cluster shared LUN in SnapManager it asks for the hosts in my cluster, which leads me to believe I need to have the cluster first. I tried going through it anyhow but when I go to create the cluster in VMM I don't see any storage, or networks for that matter, to assign to the cluster. Thus the cluster validation fails. Any ideas on what order this needs to be done in?
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Systems Administrator

You will need to specify all the hosts that need access to the LUN from your storage. The cluster referred to in your NetApp is different to your Windows/Hyper-V cluster.

So, as an example, you have hosts, hyperv1.local and hyperv2.local that will eventually be part of the cluster hyperv.local.

Specify in NetApp that hyperv.local and hyperv2.local will need to have access to the shared LUNs. Depending on your storage management software, you may also be able to create a group/cluster of hosts that can be assigned LUNs. This is NOT the same as your hyperv.local cluster that you will be creating.