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How to recreate windows exchange cluster from scratch

We have two identical servers that were set up with failover clustering 5 years ago. One of the servers had a catastrophic hard drive crash with no back up. Where do I get documentation and help in recreating this second cluster server. Exchange 2010 Standard on Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise, one exchange database is on a san and the other is on a raid 5 data partition (separate from the OS). I am installing the Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise back on the server.
What are the steps I need to take and in what order?
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You need to recover the other machine.
That is covered in TechNet, but the basic principle is to build a new machine with the same name. RESET the computer account and then add it to the domain. Install the Exchange 2010 requirements, then install Exchange 2010 using the same service pack media as was previously installed, from the command line using the recover server switches.
Once the machine is back up, you can then remove it properly. (I don't leave recovered machines in production).

Cluster wise, you will need to use cluster manager on the live machine to evict the dead node from the cluster. You can then remove the live machine from the DAG using the DAG management tools.
I would then remove the DAG completely and recreate it.



That was done with help from Microsoft, thanks.