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How to setup a long distance video interview with broadcast quality

For a video I am making I would like to interview someone in another country. I have done this before with Skype and webcams on both sides. The quality however was disappointing, due to bad lighting and mediocre webcams.
I wonder if anyone knows a solution for this. This is a low cost project, so I am unable to just hire a studio, but maybe there are new developments.
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Senior Systems Manager
I have found the biggest issue to be the connection. I would not try this over WiFi, you would want to be hard wire connected, and make sure the WiFi is turned off; you also have to consider the other person's connection, if they have a low upload speed, then that will affect performance as well. Lighting and Camera a relativity easy fix.

We have a series of presentations here at the museum that include Skyping with an author so the audience can interact and ask questions, and I have found that as long as were are not trying to do this over WiFi it is acceptable. If possible I do try to reach the author ahead of time to see if they can do a hard wire connection for the Skype session.


Thank you. And what camera do you expect on the other side and how do you manage the lighting if that person speaks from his own place?