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VOIP on HP 2530-48G PoE+ (J9772A)

350ztn asked
Installing a new phone system & the POE switches we have offer LLPD-MED to auto config for VLAN. Does anyone have any experience with setting up these switches or this type of technology for VOIP? I have a gui interface for the switches and creating a VLAN seems pretty straightforward.

Our new phones are Gigabit and we are planning on running data through phone to the pc due to only having 1 data drop per cubicle. Because of my inexperience with voip, what confuses me is if I setup a VLAN to separate my phones on their own internal network, how will the pc's be able to communicate out?
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Technical Lead Manager (Owner)

You can use the same port witch will be connected to the IP Phone and then from the IP Phone connect to Desktop, IP Phone will use tagged frames for voice and forward untagged frames to the port connected to Desktop.

Regarding Vlan configuration, you will need to configure 2 Vlans one for Data and one for Voice, tag Voice Vlan and untagg Data Vlan configure the switch to identify the Voice Vlan in oder to use  LLPD-MED and QoS.

For the Voip system I don't know if you have separated interfaces for Management and Voice service, or have only one interface for every things, depending on this you can decide to tag or untag the port in the switch that the voice system will be connected in.

Here is a sample configuration:

ProCurve_Switch# configure terminal
ProCurve_Switch(config)# vlan 10 name Data_Vlan
ProCurve_Switch(config)# vlan 20 name Voice_Vlan
ProCurve_Switch(config)# vlan 10
ProCurve_Switch(vlan-10)# untagged x-y (ports you want untagged)
ProCurve_Switch(vlan-10)# exit
ProCurve_Switch(config)# vlan 20
ProCurve_Switch(vlan-20)# tagged x-y  (ports you want to make tagged)
ProCurve_Switch(vlan-20)# voice
ProCurve_Switch(vlan-20)# exit
ProCurve_Switch(config)# write mem

For more details regarding HP Vlan see HP ProCurve 5400zl Switch Series - Designated VLANs Explained

For more derails regarding QoS see Quality of Service (QoS): Managing Bandwidth More Effectively

Good luck