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Apple ->| keyboard symbol

Latest issue of Mac Life uses a keyboard symbol ( ->|) that is not in the Apple keyboard I use (see link below). As I use  Windows keyboard also, I cannot find the equivalent key. For example, the combination

CMD + ->| is used to open the ’Switch between open applications window’

Where is it?  

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Try shift-backslash.  Should be just below the delete key.
To switch between applications you use Cmd + Tab
To switch between windows in the same application use is Cmd + ` (that's a backtick which is to the left of the Z key on a full keyboard it also has a ~ tilde on the same key).  Depending on your keyboard it may be elsewhere.
You can also change that shortcut for switching between windows if the given one does not work out for you. Go to System Preferences → Keyboard → Keyboard Shortcuts.