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Forwarding rule in Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010..I’m trying to create an email rule based on an “alias” email account. Example: the main account email is: user@domain.com  with an alias of it@domain.com

Emails sent to “it” are showing up in the “user” inbox just fine. I want to create a rule that will forward emails sent to “it” but I can’t figure out how to do it because Outlook sees the email coming from “user” not “it”. There’s no identifying piece of information that I can trigger the forward rule off of. Any suggestions? I’m trying to avoid creating a separate user account for the “it” address.
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is this the correct work flow? User >your inbox> the IT team?


Not sure I follow you...  "it" is an alias of "user"   Mail sent to "it" shows in "user" inbox
You can create a rule using the "specific words in the recipient's address" rule and then put in your "it@domain.com" address.  That should work.


that didn't work. I don't think Outlook sees the email going to "it@domain.com"; I think it only sees it going to "user@domain.com"; it doesn't apply the rule
I ended up creating a distribution group and triggered rules off of it; works fine. thanks.


Unfortunately the other solutions didn't work.