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Making Static Routes Persistent In AIX 6.1

We have several AIX servers that consistently lose our defined static routes (which we manually added BTW) if the systems are restarted.  Is there any way in AIX to make these routes persistent so that even if the systems do shut down, the route table is preserved. I know this can be done on a Windows server with the -p switch.
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On AIX use "smitty mkroute" and fill in the required values. This will last across reboots.

You can also use the "chdev" command  line tool to persistently add a static route.

To network:

chdev -l inet0 -a route=net,-hopcount,<hopcount>,-netmask,<netmask>,<network>,<gateway>

To host:

chdev -l inet0 -a route=host,-hopcount,<hopcount>,-netmask,<netmask>,<hostaddress>,<gateway>

Example for destination network, hopcount=0, mask=,gateway

chdev -l inet0 -a route=net,-hopcount,0,-netmask,,,

If you already added the route by means of the "route" command either delete it first ("smitty rmroute" or "chdev -l inet0 -a delroute=.......") before using one of the above methods, or specify "Apply change to DATABASE only" under "smitty" or set the "-P" flag of chdev:

chdev -P -a route=net,............