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brocade switch VDX

I got 2 vdx6740 Brocade switches and when I do show ip interface brief, I only see the first 48 ports even though it shows 96 ports in the config. Any ideas why? Thx
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Mr Tortu(r)eSystem Engineer

because Brocade vdx6740 switch have 48 ports. Where do you see 96 ports? Maybe in the logical config if the switches are merged/stacked, but again this is a logical config, which is a sum of the 2 switches of 48 ports each.


Yes. Each switch is a 48-port. I believe they are stacked. That is why I see 96 ports in the config. How do I check if they are stacked? Thx
Mr Tortu(r)eSystem Engineer

Don't know. I suggest you to have a look at the switch admin guide.
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show stack

show stack detail

Maybe you only have 48 ports at layer 3?  Do a show int bri.