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Cisco phone extension will not go into voicemail when used as rollover

We have an extension set up in our Cisco Unified CM.  If you dial the extension directly, it will ring, and if not answered, it will go into voicemail.  However, the extension is also set up as a rollover number for another line.  We would like if someone calls the other line and is not answered, it would roll to this line, and if not answered, it would dump into the voicemail.  

However, although it works properly when dialed directly, if someone dials the other number, it will roll over correctly, but then rings five times, and goes to the system recording instead of voicemail.  We are running version 9.1.  

Anyone have any ideas?

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José Méndez

Party A dials Party B and after few rings it rolls over to Party C, but you want the call to be routed to Party's B voice mailbox. I believe this is beacause Party C does not have a voice mailbox associated in Unity Connection.

Log into Unity Con. > Users > Find your Party B user  > Edit > Alternate Extension and add the extension from Party C

Now when the call is forwarded from Party C, Unity will know that it should connect with Party's B mailbox and greeting:
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