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RDP works fine but printer does not print??

I have a HP Officejet set up on a Win 7 SP1 pc and my user can print fine.

The problem is that when he RDP's to a similar Win 7 SP1 pc (box is ticked to carry over the printer) the printer appears on the remote pc but when you try to print to it it doesn't work.

When on the remote pc, the print job hits the spooler and I can see the document being processed and then it disappears as if it was printed but the document doesn't come out of the printer?

Please advise why this might be happening.
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Let me ask the obvious first... have you tried installing the printer driver on the pc in question?
As a matter of fact, here is a solution that seems to work well.
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flubbster: As a matter of fact, here is a solution that seems to work well.
Where is here?
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No I have not installed the driver on the client pc so will do that now!!!
Just installed the driver and tried again but no luck! Please advise
Wow... my bad. definite brain fart on that one. My apologies. Here is the link I left out.
Hey Flubbster,

1. I did tick the button to carry over the printer and the printer does carry over to the target machine but just doesn't print.

2. I install the driver and that didn't work. I didn't install as instructed in the link as HP only provide a .exe.  I downloaded the .exe  from the HP website and ran on the target pc.. The driver matched the OS which is win7 64bit on both pcs.

Please advise of anything else you can think off.
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office jet 8620
I believe from the documentation that this printer model is supported. Its a MFP
I don't see that one listed in HP's document. So, you're talking about the HP OfficeJet Pro 8620 e-All-in-One?

Do both the "server" and "client" PCs have the same version of the driver?  Did you install the full package or just the basic driver?

I found the driver for the Pro 8630 eAIO on this page:
I can see this on page 24 of the document:
Officejet Pro 8600 Yes

Yes thats right its a HP OfficeJet Pro 8620 e-All-in-One
First I installed the basic driver and then the full package and either way it didn't work
Ok will try that driver
Actually its the same driver so no luck
The HP doc recommends the HP DeskJet 6540 driver for the OfficeJet 7400, which might be similar enough to the 8620 to work. Can you download that driver from HP to see if that will allow you to print from the local PC? If it does, then load that driver on the remote PC to see if that works remotely.
Here is another possible solution that comes from a microsoft support board. It actually makes sense. You have already installed the driver so that is done. Basically, it requires that you assign a port locally that is also available on the remote pc. Here is the page:

It is the longer post about halfway down the page.
I don't think installing a local port on the remote PC would work. When a local printer is redirected to a remote desktop, a TS port is automatically assigned to the redirected printer: creating a new COM port for the printer on the remote system would have no impact on that functionality. The issue faced by that user was a bit different than the author here: he wasn't seeing the printer at all on the remote PC.

GPERSAND can see the printer on the remote PC, it's just not printing.

I suspect that the user in the post wasn't getting the redirected printer because of the port name, which is why someone suggested he check out the KB article,  That article describes how to fix the issue when the local printer is NOT being redirected because the port name does NOT begin with USB, COM or LPT.  It described how to create a registry entry, FilterQueueType, which will force the printer to be redirected regardless of the port name.

So, the guy with the accepted answer actually fixed his problem by creating another port for their printer on the local system which has a name starting with COM.  I don't think adding the COM port to the remote PC actually fixed anything.
Hey guys thanks so much for your input. I think the printer is simply not supported for RDP so swapped the problem users printer for a HPOJ8600 and the printer has carried over the RDP session and is printing fine now.
Cool, glad I was able to help out! :)