Is it possible to increase Flash Memory to more than 16GB on a Wyse Thin Client?

Hello, appears that on the Wyse Thin Clients the maximum amount of Flash Memory you can purchase is 16GB. Problem is after the OS is installed (Windows 8 Embedded) and all of the other Wyse related software that only leaves a few GB of Flash Memory available. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to increase the available Flash Memory size? I'm not looking to add secondary storage (Another drive for example that would create another volume), i just need to increase what is already available.

Problem we have encountered is we have installed AV software and the combination of that, and some other software we have locally installed has consumed a lot of available space. Even if we were to add secondary storage and install the software to it, some data still gets written to the C-drive where the OS resides.

Hope that makes sense.

Thank you!
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Ben HartCommented:
What model hardware are you using?
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