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SQL Server Pivot Query using like rather than absolute value

gwarcher asked
I am running a simple sql server pivot query.  I tried to google this but because the word "like" is such a common word I can't get a good answer.  

Can I run a PIVOT query using the LIKE syntax ['%data%'] instead of using the absolute value in the field?  I have a large dataset where some of the values may be different but at least one word will be constant.  I am trying to avoid a long and arduous clean-up process.

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Jim HornSQL Server Data Dude
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I'm tempted to just say no, but instead give us a data mockup of what you're trying to pull off here, with emphasis on what is being like'd.


Select PlaceName, ID, [SMITH, JOHN] as Smith, [DOE, JANE] as Doe
    (Select PlaceName, ID, Name, total from [table] where PlaceName = 'The Park') t
   (sum(total) FOR Name IN ([SMITH, JOHN], [DOE, JANE])) as pvt

The SMITH, JOHN and DOE, JANE is where I would like to have a LIKE check.

I have some fields that match this perfectly, and others that have noise but the SMITH will always be there.
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No, you can't because those values will be used as column names.


ok, thanks, I will just do clean up as needed then.