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Get window handles of new windows as they are created in VB.NET application.

JServicesLLC asked
NEED:   A way to hook or somehow be notified of any new window handle that is created while my application is running.   I am monitoring for certain windows and would greatly appreciate a way to listen to any new window that is created.   The application is written in VB.NET but I am open to solutions that combine technologies.

Background and Detail:
I have a very simple automation application that is designed to look for certain problem windows or dialog boxes and click a button that the user has predefined.    I have already gotten ALL the information about the target window and target controls (Class Names, Text, etc....) the problem is the way that I am having to monitor for these is to constantly get all the top level windows and then search through all the children etc.    This is a huge waste of valuable system resources.    

I have tried to look up how to create a global hook in VB.NET and have found many things but nothing seems up the ally that I need.    All I need is the window handle (I have the APIs working to get the text and class name etc.. for any handle I feed them, its just the subscribing to the windows messages that is causing me the biggest headache.    to any window created or destroyed.    I plan on creating a collection of these to hold onto for helping me target things but I need a way to do it quickly without having to search every single window and work my way down.
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Sinisa VukSoftware architect
Top Expert 2012
You must use SetWindowsHookEx function with HCBT_CREATEWND parameter. Look at MS info:
I suggest to write hook dll in c++ (or similar non .Net language) and use it in .Net.
More articles to study....
Non-English page: http://www.hardforum.ru/t74963/


I appreciate your answer.  The problem is that I am not good at C++ as it's been since college since I have even messed with it.    Does anyone have a VS 2010 buildable project for the hook ?    I thought I found my solution but it will not let me reference it in my project and I am just at a loss at this point.
Global hooks are not supported in the .NET Framework

Except for the WH_KEYBOARD_LL low-level hook and the WH_MOUSE_LL low-level hook, you cannot implement global hooks in the Microsoft .NET Framework. To install a global hook, a hook must have a native DLL export to inject itself in another process that requires a valid, consistent function to call into. This behavior requires a DLL export. The .NET Framework does not support DLL exports. Managed code has no concept of a consistent value for a function pointer because these function pointers are proxies that are built dynamically.
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