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MSI_ group policy ORCA

I need to deploy this MSI file via GP

im a noob when it comes to orca

What options do i have to edit to create an MST file for a silent install?

for your reference here is the MSI file

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You don't need MST file. If you deploy per-user, in group policy element, specify "Installation User Interface options" = Basic on the 2nd tab.


Hi Thanks for the reply

It fails with the following error

Failed to apply changes to software installation settings.    The error was : %%1274
Please describe what you do, step by step. The best if you make and upload a screenshot of the error.

I downloaded your installation from dropbox and published it in group policy without problems.


Here is the GP object settings im using


On the windows 8.1 clients im getting the error

Failed to apply changes to software installation settings.    The error was : %%1274
Once again: what are the events that lead to the error? does the error show up when you put the msi into the group policy? or when the user is trying to install it? if the latter, how does the user install - by "add programs from the network"?

Try to launch the msi "manually" from that network location.


Share has full permission for all domain users and computers

When rebooting the client PC, it applies the GP and logs that error on the client PC event log (Windows 8.1)

increased the time out for policy processing 45 Seconds (Seems to have worked for some people getting this error on the client )
See this article about troubleshooting group policy-related errors.


Start with Windows Installer (deployment-related actions) and Windows Installer (user-initiated actions) - depending on whether you published it per-machine or per-user. If the installation is launched but fails, then you need to troubleshoot the installation. If the installation is not even launched, then see section "Software Installation CSE"


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