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Domino Smart Upgrade from Release 8.5.3 to 9.0.1

Robert Treadwell
Upgrade Lotus Notes from 8.5.3 to 9.0.1
Upgrade using SURunas,exe

Unsure what to look for when using Domino Smart upgrade kit.  In the Log is shares that the install process was successful but the final line indicates that the final version is the same as the initial version.  What am I missing.  The Upgrade is not working.  Any thoughts?

IN=CurrentVersion IV=Release 8.5.3
IN=Policy IV=/ClientUpgrade/GECOM Corporation
IN=DesktopSettings IV=Smart Upgrade R9.0.1
IN=DeployVersion IV=Release 9.0.1
IN=FromVersion IV=Release 8.5.3
IN=ToVersion IV=Release 9.0.1
IN=FromVersionOrg IV=Release 8.5.3
IN=ToVersionOrg IV=Release 9.0.1
IN=PlatForm IV=Windows/32
IN=Localization IV=EN
IN=NumberOfLanguages IV=1
IN=LanguageCode IV=EN
IN=KitType IV=16
IN=InstallType IV=16
IN=KitArguments IV=-s -a /s /v" qb+"
IN=AllowedUserStatus IV=FALSE

IN=lotusinstall.log IV=Has not been modified!
TM=CreateProcess "C:\Users\bgb111a\AppData\Roaming\smkits\0\SURunas.exe"
TM=GetExitCodeProcess "C:\Users\bgb111a\AppData\Roaming\smkits\0\SURunas.exe" dwExitCode 0
IN=LotusInstallLogDir IV=C:\Users\bgb111a\Documents
IN=LotusInstallLog IV=C:\Users\bgb111a\Documents\lotusinstall.log
IN=ErrorMessage IV="C:\Users\bgb111a\AppData\Roaming\smkits\0\SURunas.exe" 0 The operation completed successfully.

TM=CreateProcess "C:\Users\bgb111a\AppData\Roaming\smkits\_smupdate.exe" SU_PRIME=Release 9.0.1 C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Lotus\Notes
TM=GetExitCodeProcess "C:\Users\bgb111a\AppData\Roaming\smkits\_smupdate.exe" SU_PRIME=Release 9.0.1 dwExitCode 0 The operation completed successfully.

IN=FinalStatus IV=Succeeded
IN=StopTime IV=02/24/2015 01:46:48 PM
IN=VersionFinal IV=Release 8.5.3 September 15, 2011
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A line in the log that jumps out to me is IN=AllowedUserStatus IV=FALSE
That seems to suggest to me that the user that ran the Smart update was deemed not to be eligible, upon discovering said fact the software decided not to change anything. Seems to me it's following instructions. You'll need to look into enbling the user to be upgraded.

Here's a presentation by IBM: Open Mic  “IBM Notes Smart Upgrade - Best Practices”  

On slide 36, I see a field with allowed users, make sure your setup is correctly filled out.  

BTW, these Open mic sesssions are great, I sign up to be notified and watch the ones I like.