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'Microsoft Azure Active Directory Sync'  AD connector errors on execution

msCCare asked
We had a sync breakdown on a Windows Server 2012 R2 server  that has since been fixed with the assistance of Microsoft (re-installed everything, wiped registry keys).  The sync is working, and is relatively quick.  We are still getting the following error several times a day:

'The Management Agent 'Windows Azure Active Directory Connector' reported  errors on execution.'
Event ID: 0
Level: Warning
Source: Directory Synchronization
EventData: The Management Agent 'Windows Azure Active Directory Connector' reported errors on           execution.

Unfortunately, there aren't further details other than the above.  I think I remember during our troubleshooting with Microsoft that we were told just to 'disregard' these events, however we need to locate the source. We've done a few 'test pw changes' to see if the errors correlated with a sync, however this is not the case.  Any insight would be appreciated.
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Those are the 'regular' errors due to duplicate SMTP addresses, invalid attributes, etc. The list of users affected should be emailed to you after each sync attempt, or you can see the problematic users directly in the MIISClient.