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HP 1040 MSA Installasion

Seshadrim asked
I have HP DL 580 G5 server running with Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise edition and is attached with HP 1500 Storage Array through a Single fiber channel.

We have now decided to replace the Storage array with an MSA box and have procured a new HP 1040 MSA with dual controller.

The Plan is to configuring the new MSA as a direct attached storage to the server along with the HP Storage array  and migrate the data to MSA.

Once the data is migrated we will detach the old storage array and configure the MSA with Dual Paths.

I need assistance on

01) How to access the MSA storage and create the RAID arrays
02) How to Present those RAID Arrays to the Server as Disk for Data Migration
03) Once the Data Migration is completed and the Storage array is disconnected,  How to Configure Windows to access MSA using Dual Path.
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You don't have any manuals for the MSA?

If not look here http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04220806


I have got an Manual along with the MSA, However it doesn't have any information  about server end Configurations.
Isn't all that in the manual I referenced?
Since you are planning to run the new MSA1040 alongside with your existing HP 1500 Storage Array.
Do you have another Fiber Channel card that can be used for the new MSA1040?

You can manage the storage directly by connecting RJ45 cable on the management port.
Default IP and Credentials:
• Management Port IP Address: (controller A), (controller B)
• IP Subnet Mask:
• Gateway IP Address:
   username: manage
   password: !manage


Hi Ragie,

Thanks for the information, I don't have a problem in accessing the MSA.

I have connected the MSA and have assigned the IP to the management controllers. But The problem I had is in allocating the Storage to the servers.

I have managed to find the solution and the storage   has been provisioned to the Server now.
Here Is What  I did to get the New MSA Configured.

Get an IP reserved for the MSA Controllers.
Logged on to the MSA through the Default Management IP Address and reconfigure them with the new IP Addresses
Patch the MSA to the network Switch
Now login to the MSA using the new IP addresses.
Complete the System Configuration Wizard
Create the initiator to the Server as required
Configure the storage Pools on the MSA
Create the Volumes as required
Now map the Volumes to the Servers through the created Initiators.


I Have managed to find the Solution on my own.