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which firewall?

Basically I'm looking at the zywall 5 vs the sonicwall tz 105. the price point on the zywall is nicer and no license fee's at least that i see, but i know the snowcaps really well, they are easy to manage and setup but cost more. i have no experience with the zywall and have heard they are a pain to do an initial setup on? which device provides better overall protection? It will be also handling the dhcp and dns server roles either way we go.
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Hi jessebruffett,

My recommendation is the SonicWALL TZ105...it's a business class product and best of breed IMO. Compare the specs on both...then look at the support. I'd recommend getting CGSS with your SonicWALL or AKA SonicWALL TotalSecure (for first time purchases). It gives you all the Gateway licensing you'll need to combat today's ever-evolving threats. They have one of the fast zero day threat departments in the industry and one of the largest cloud signature & real-time content filters in the market as well.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


I manage a tz 100 at the other place I work and have managed it since 2011 and I find it relatively easy to manage. Ive never done a out of box deployment, I've just managed them before so either choice I go that will be a new experience and thats why initial setup simplicity/ease is a major factor for me, as it has been decreed from those above me that we will not be purchasing any support with it, just the appliance since it should have basic intrusion prevention built into it without the license(or at least thats what I've read).
Greg HejlPrincipal Consultant

TZ105 - you can also manage a sonicwall wireless network implementation - the new sonicpoints are very good.