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File Server Re Build

I have a file Server running on Windows 2003, due to its end of support we have planned to upgrade the Server to Windows 2008, But will not be able to perform an in-place Upgrade due to the following reasons

01) The Server C Drive is only 16 GB
02) Server has Only 2 GB Currently.

S0 We have planned to Upgrade the Memory to 4 GB / 8 GB and then reinstall the OS to 2008  on the Server by Re Partitioning the existing Disk, But the Challenge is about the file Shares.

There are close to 300 Shares on the Server residing on a separate Disk and I Cant migrate then to another server due to space Issue.

Can you please suggest a better way to Archive this using Native tools.
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SyscomDTTechnology Solutions Director

-You could use a partition manager to resize the existing partition or create a new partition, leaving the existing Data Drive (I am assuming there is a D: Drive where the file shares reside?). Then install Server 2008 and once you have it installed, blow away the Server 2003 partition.
-Are the exisitng drives in a RAID Array? Is it possibly to add an additional Mirror of disks to the server?
Here is a bit of information regarding copying Windows Shares, which would need to be done on the original OS, prior to removing the OS.
Principal Consultant

I did two very similar tasks for a client late last year. Client had close to 3TB of data spilt between two Windows 2003 Servers. Both servers needed to be rebuilt to 2008 R2 (hardware was more than capable) and retain all file shares (using DFS) and share & NTFS permissions.

Using a 6TB External WD Drive I:
Using robocopy (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc733145.aspx?f=255&MSPPError=-2147217396) copied the file shares from the server to the 6TB making sure the use the correct switches to preserve the file permissions. The beauty of robocopy is that you can run it multiple times, check the log file until the log shows all files copied with zero failures
Wipe server raids
Rebuilt server raids - and giving the SYSTEM disk more space than it had on 2003 (Dell out of the factory build with stupid C drive)
Allocated rest of RAID space to one logical volume
Installed 2008 R2
Setup share on second volume
Used robocopy to copy files over including the file permissions
Configured DFS
Tested and confirmed correct users could access correct shares/folders/files etc.

Thats it. Was able to work on the project during business hours as robocopy will run the pass until it has copied all files.

Let me know if you think that will help? Im about to write an EE article on the topic.



Hi Mark,

The Solution you have provided seems to be applicable in my Scenario, I will review the Existing RAID Configurations and see if I can use your suggestion.

Will update you.
Mark GalvinPrincipal Consultant


I'm in the process of writing an article on the projects I did and hope to have the finished article up soon. If you run into any hiccups then let me know.