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Powershell reg save vs. reg query on remote workstations

Hi guys,

I need to export registry keys from a remote computer for import into other remote machines (copy) using PowerShell V3.0.

When I use REG QUERY to view the registry keys thus:

    reg query \\[computername]\HKLM\[subkey] /s | Out-File -append .\export.log

all subkeys are recursively output to export.log as expected.

However, when using REG SAVE to actually save a copy of the registry (in order to use REG RESTORE to import keys into target computers):

    reg save \\[computername]\HKLM\[subkey] .\export.hiv

I am encountering the following error: "ERROR: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value."

What's going on? Why can the REG QUERY find the specified keys/subkeys but not the REG SAVE?

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Looking at reg save /? vs reg query /? it looks as though reg save cannot be run against a remote machine (and nor can reg restore).

You could try using PowerShell Remoting or psexec.exe to run the command remotely.


Yep, thanks. will user PSEXEC.


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CoralonSenior Citrix Engineer

Even though this has been handled there are much easier ways to accomplish this if you have remoting enabled.

You can do a reg export instead to create a straight .reg file.
From there, you can use powershell to copy the reg file to the fixed location, and use invoke-command -computername <machinename> -scriptblock { reg.exe /s \\<server>\path\<file.reg> }