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Why cannot I open a web site in one PC, but can open in another PC ?

Dear All
I have a question. I cannot open one web site in one PC sometimes, but I can open it in another PC? Any expert can give some suggestion ? Thank you
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution Architect
Most Valuable Expert 2015
Top Expert 2015

probably a bad cached DNS entry. Try..
- open command prompt
- ipconfig /flushdns


Are those PC under the same network?

Is it a localhost website what you try to open or one with a domain?


Thank your for your fast reply. Yes, two PC are in the same network.  It is a remote website.

ipconfig /flushdns does not work

Can you ping the website and it reply?

command prompt-> ping domain.com

Please check the Internet Settings on the browser, i.e. Internet Explorer->Internet Options->Connections-> Go LAN Settings-> Automatic detect settings is checked

Make sure
-Use automatic configuration script is not checked
Proxy Server is not checked
Also lets try this...

Go to Open Network and Sharing Center
Change Adapter Settings
Right click on Local Area Connection
On the Networking tab find Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IP)
Click Properties
  Obtain an IPv6 address automatically is selected
  Obtain DNS server address automatically is selected
  Click Advanced button
      Go to the DNS tab

make sure the settings match with machine were the website is working....


I did it based on what you said. but it cannot work yet.

The two PC can open the website. First PC can open any of the sub-page in the website, but second PC cannot open half of the sub-page in the same website.
but before you couldn't opened in one pc..?

which web browser are you using? could you try with 3 web browsers

Chrome, IE and Firefox


Yes I did not tell about it exactly. Sorry. In fact, my last reply is correct.

Chrome has this problem. Firefox can work well so far because I just checked some of page of that website.

You are right and gave a good way to check it.

If I want to continue to use Chrome, how can I fix it ? Thank you!


The reason why I want to use the Chrome is that i am using Chrome for a while and it contains some cookies etc. If I reinstall Chrome, all of cookies will have gone. So if I can fix it, it would be great.

Try to reinstall, or make sure the settings of Chrome on the working PC match the other one. I'm glad you figure it out. Good Luck in your projects!


I did that. Thank you !