Is there a Windows Server 2008 R2-tool that send reports when shared folder access has been given to a new user?

I´m looking for a tool that can:

1. Sends a report to a certain email address when a user has been given rights to a new/existing folder
2. Generates report of which user has what privileges to which of the selected folders - automatically on certain intervals

I´m using Windows Server 2008 R2.

This is to document the security in the company. I read about Dumpsec here, but it wasn`t what I wanted.
Lene ZachariassenAsked:
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
The only way Windows itself can record this activity is by making sure Auditing is enabled in the GPO or Domain Security policy. At that point, Windows will log the event and you can look it up in Event Viewer.  Yes, it's not easy and it will not provide you with a clean report but that's a starting point.

After the auditing has been activated, you may be able to develop a report in Powershell that reports on activity found in the logs.

Hope this helps!
Benjamin MOREAUProject ManagerCommented:
I think you can use one of this 2 products :

File Audit is for access audit.
ADAudit is better for what you want to do; you can send reports when unauthorized access is granted for exemple...or for permissions change.
Lene ZachariassenAuthor Commented:
Thank you. ADAudit looks great, but isn't there any built in tool already in the file server role? A third party tool like ADAudid is quite expensive.
Lene ZachariassenAuthor Commented:
This solution will do for now. Thank you!
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