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outlook 2007 contacts search not displaying complete results

Very bizarre issue - Exchange 2010, user on windows 7 with office 2007 non-cached mode.
Instant search works for emails, events but when using it for contacts, it is not bringing up all applicable results.

All attempts to remedy have failed, user said he's not sure when it stopped working but it's been several months. These have been the few things I could try and all failed:
1 - rebuild outlook profile
2 - test on new PC, and citrix - able to duplicate
3 - repair install for office
4 - manually reindex
5 - delete and re-enter one of the contact records that is not search-able
6 - exchange database healthy

Specifically, user has 2800 contacts.  3 have the last name Richter.  Search on "richt" brings up only the first record.  Searching on the first name i.e. "Dan" still does not bring up nor does a company name search.
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Not sure if applicable, but I would do the following:
- are both exchange on the server and the client with the same 32 or 64 bits?
- what is the size of the local file? I think that for 2007 1Gbyte is a fatal step; if the file is greater, empty the trash folder, then compress the file
- check if the local file us OK by running scanost


Thank you fibo -

Both 64bit
No local file, all on the exchange server.  Mailbox is ~350mb
Things are sometimes weird with Outlook.
There are many areas where in despair wd light think the failure to appear:
- character encoding? would be invisible fail #1
- sélection on how a single record is indexed would be another one equally hard to detect

(I had such an issue where depending on how I searched for my family in some occasions -but not all!- I could not get my son's record: Showing in the list of a search by first name, but not by last name)

Have you tried exporting the file to a new one? (several options here for the type of file)
If listing the contacts in table form, are the "missing" showing?


I tried to export to a csv, confirmed that the fields were correct, same record counts etc. and then deleted the contact records and reimported.  No change.  Did not appear to be corrupt data.
The MIA records always appeared regardless of the view selected, they just didn't all come up when an appropriate search was initiated.

I was finally successful after changing the user to cached mode, and reindexing outlook.  Now just have to wait and see if it sticks.

Greatly appreciate the assistance.