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QuickBooks 2014 - write check screen does not display all columns and buttons

Lindahq asked
Windows 7 Pro
QuickBooks Pro 2014
23" screen

In one company file when I open the Write Check screen the Memo field is so wide the Customer:Job, Billable and Class columns cannot display.  The Save buttons at the bottom are also missing.  The other screens (deposit, journal entry, etc.) all display correctly.  

I tried changing the screen resolution (as per the Inuit articles regarding this issue) but that did not resolve the issue.

I have four other company files and the Write Check screen displays correctly in each of those.

However, I did find that in one of the databases that displays the check screen correctly, if I change the Preferences\Accounting\Company Preferences to require Class tracking, then the Write Check screen loses the columns and buttons mentioned above. Deselecting the options does not return the screen to normal.
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Can you upload a screen shot?


Two images attached.  One normal and one not.
What happens when you "maximize" the check window?  Does that make everything visible?  Could you then resize the columns and such to tighten up what's in the window?


No tried that.
Unfortunately I'm operating in Quickbooks 2012, so I can't play with it.

Does anything happen if you try tabbing through the fields?  Does the view change so that the cursor is always visible?
I found the solution.  The issue was created because I changed to a 23" wide screen.  On the screen, if you have the Display text set to medium or large the description column will expand off the screen.  Thus making it impossible to see the other columns.  Even though you cannot see the columns, you can Tab into the field and enter data. In the attached screen shot I pressed the Tab key enough times so the cursor would be in the Class column.  Then I pressed the letter A (one of the classes I hade created started with the letter A).  The selection box to the right of the check screen displayed.  Issue resolved.  Thanks


I found the soution