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DrEddieS asked
I have a small network in my office. Three units with one serving as the central location for “Shared Documents. All have Windows 7 operating system and Office 2013.
Configuration: AT& T router has a lead to “Server” and the “Server” and other 2 units have leads to the switch.  I have Shared the Data Drive (D:) to allow the other units access. When I go to one of the units I attempted to MAP the D: Data Drive, but receive error, That I don’t have permission to access “ JSBServer\Company Shared\”. I can see all three machines in the full network map.  My Public folder on my C:\Drive even shows the Company Shared folder.
1.      How do I remove the Company Shared from my C:\Drive?
2.      Set permission to access the D:\Data Drive (Company Shared)
3.      Do I need to MAP and Shared the D:\Drive?
4.      Give I have Local Connection and External Connection, should I assign Local IP address
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One statement isn't clear: "AT& T router has a lead to “Server” and the “Server” and other 2 units have leads to the switch.".  Are you suggesting that there are two network cards on the Server, one connected with a cable to the router and the other to the switch?

Otherwise, if I understand you correctly you want to have a shared folder on the Server that everyone can access.  I would discourage sharing all of D:.  Create a D:\Shared and share it.  I think this will be easier to manage in the future.

Share D:\Shared, allow access to Everyone, and in Network and Sharing turn off Password Protected Sharing.

I would suggest a static IP address on the Server, though that is not necessary.

1: On the Server, look at Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management, expand Shared Folders, click on Shares.  You will see what is shared on that computer and can disable sharing on whatever you wish.
2: What I described above will allow anyone on your network to access that folder.  Is that what you want?
3: Not necessary, but can be more convenient.
4: Not understanding the question, sorry!