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Win 7. Is there a program to block ads? IE? Firefox?
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Windows 7 . If you use chrome as a browser it has an option to block pop ups that works quite well.
This is in advanced settings under content settings.
If you are using Firefox, then there is a free add on called Adblock plus which works very well for this browser.
Hi adblock,

For IE you can user "Adblock ".It will remove all ads. (simple-adblock.com)
"adblock" is the way to go.   You can set it to allow ads on particular pages if you like.      I use it in Chrome and Firefox,     It's an "extension" in Chome and an "addon" in Firefox.

EirmanChief Operations Manager
I'd avoid Chrome if possible. It seems to be highly advert orientated.

Try the NOSCRIPT addon with Firefox.
It's a brilliant addon ..... read the reviews.
Note: Each time you visit a website for the first time, you have to "allow" it.
It blocks a lot of adverts and click redirects.

You can safely explore the fringes of the internet with noscript running.
It will stop your browser being hijacked.