Win 7. Is there a program to block ads? IE? Firefox?
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Windows 7 . If you use chrome as a browser it has an option to block pop ups that works quite well.
This is in advanced settings under content settings.
If you are using Firefox, then there is a free add on called Adblock plus which works very well for this browser.
Tapan PattanaikSenior EngineerCommented:
Hi adblock,

For IE you can user "Adblock ".It will remove all ads. (
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"adblock" is the way to go.   You can set it to allow ads on particular pages if you like.      I use it in Chrome and Firefox,     It's an "extension" in Chome and an "addon" in Firefox.
*** Hopeleonie ***IT ManagerCommented:
EirmanChief Operations ManagerCommented:
I'd avoid Chrome if possible. It seems to be highly advert orientated.

Try the NOSCRIPT addon with Firefox.
It's a brilliant addon ..... read the reviews.
Note: Each time you visit a website for the first time, you have to "allow" it.
It blocks a lot of adverts and click redirects.

You can safely explore the fringes of the internet with noscript running.
It will stop your browser being hijacked.
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