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Can't seem to remove hidden folder

Azra Lyndsey
Azra Lyndsey asked
I have three folders on my X drive in Windows 8.1 that I can't seem to see with Explorer.  I know they're there because the backup software sees them.  When I use CLI to access I'm told that access is denied.  I'd like to delete those files but I'm not sure how to change the security settings so that I can do that.  I suspect that the security settings will have to be changed via the CLI, and yes - the Explorer should be showing me hidden files.
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Top Expert 2016

would those folder happen to be
$recycle bin
$system volume information

in your folder options uncheck hide protected operating system files (recommended)
you ca now see them but you should NOT delete them


found.000, 001 and 002.
Top Expert 2016
those are from chkdsk
open command prompt as administrator
rd found.000 /s/q
rd found.001 /s/q
rd found.002 /s/q


YES!  That was the problem, I was logged in as the administrator, but I wasn't running the CLI with the extra "runas"