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Best hardwar to build VMware workstation

dongocdung asked
I need a really good hardware (desktop/laptop) with a lot of memory so I can build a VPhere 5.1environment using workstation 5.5 with multiple EXi hosts on it. Does anyone know what hardware with reasonable price I should get? The hardware should have >= 16 GB
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This is not an easy question to answer because you've told us so little of your requirements.

For instance, I'm currently considering getting a somewhat older Dell R210 server, refurbished, where a configuration with 8GB RAM and a couple of disks (whether 1TB SATA or 250GB 7.5KRPM SAS) runs somewhere between $150 to $600, depending on processor and other options, on eBay. While it's a 1U rackmount server, it's only about 18" deep, so it's not really as large as your typical desktop tower. I've had ESXi running on one of these in the past, so for my essentially hobbyist needs, it's close to ideal, despite its many limitations. It's capable of going to 16GB, so one of the bare-bones versions of this server might be more suitable (less to replace) for you, but it all starts to add up.

If you have actual money to spend for getting optimal performance, then you can find tower-configuration servers from Dell, HP, etc that match your requirements. If you can say more about what you're trying to do, some other experts may be able to give advice.

If you're aiming to create a more corporate virtualization environment, you need to think about external storage arrays, backups,  network switches, dual power supplies, UPSes and how the system will be able to partially fail gracefully and how easily it can grow.

Whatever you think about getting, keep an eye on the VMware hardware compatibility list.
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workstation 5.5 is a very old software. Maybe you have VMware Workstation 11 or so.

Try these


Best hardware changes by hour these days but I can confirm that using an SSD helps nested VMs a lot.
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Depends on your budget very few laptops can have 32GB installed we use Dell M4800 but there are also some Asus Models which can now have 32GB.