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Excel - Draw Standard Deviation graph

saathi asked
I have the following data in Excel:

Story Points             Hours
3                                   18
3                                    10
3                                    59
3                                    28
3                                    200
2                                     16
2                                     22
2                                     12
2                                      19
1                                      9
1                                       7
1                                      11
1                                       5

Above, the story points of 3, 2 and 1 have been assigned hours. I need to create a Standard Deviation graph in Excel with the help of Pivot Tables by using the data above.  
I will appreciate if I can get a response within a day.
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Top Expert 2010

With so few data points (story 3 has just 5 data points, and stories 1 and 2 just 4 each) taking the standard deviations won't really tell you anything useful.  Anyway, assuming you are in Excel 2007+...

1) Select the top-left cell of that table
2) Select Insert / Tables / PivotTable from the ribbon
3) In the PT task pane, drag 'Story' into the Row Labels, and Hours into the Values
4) In the Values area, click on "Sum of Hours", select "Value Field Settings", and change the summarization from Sum to Standard Deviation
5) In the ribbon, click PivotTable Tools / Options / Tools / PivotChart
Mike McCrackenSenior Consultant
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Not sure what you mean by a Standard Deviation graph.  A standard deviation is a single number for a set of data that shows how diverse the data is.  SO in that sense a graph makes no sense.

Are you trying to show on the graph where 1 and 2 standard deviations are?



Thanks Patrick and mlmcc for your help. It will be kind of you to give some more details about how to do step by step.

I am in Excel 2010 and would like to know step by step as to how I create mean and Standard Deviation graphs from the data above by using Pivot tables. The data above is just a sample, but there is more data and I have added more numbers to Story Points and Hours. For example,

Story Points        Hours
3                             55
3                             40
3                              45
3                             33
2                             31
2                            22
2                            20
2                           18
1                            9
1                             8
1                            7
1                           6

I have added more data so that you can show me step by step as to how to create mean and standard deviation graphs based on the data above by using Pivot tables.

I hope to hear soon....

Top Expert 2010
Saathi, I gave you the step by step directions in my first comment.


Thanks Patrick and mlmcc. My question has been answered and this can be closed.