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Exchange 2003 server problem with outlook 2010 autodiscovery.domain name

paul_lin asked
Dear sir,

I am working at company IT department.  We are hosting our own exchange 2003 server as our primary mail server.  Exchange 2003 server is running with windows 2003 enterprise.  Staffs are using outlook 2010 and starting receiving the security alert message regarding autodiscovery.domain name, there are 3 statements on security alert message, 2 of them have checked "Green", and the 3rd one has RED corss saying the name of certificate is invalid or does not match the name of site.
Our DNS hosting is network solution, I called them, they asked to purchase NS Protect SSL basic for autodiscovery.domain name, and they also asked me to create a new CSR on exchange 2003 and put this new CSR to network solution in order to obtain a validated CA from network solution and then install it to our exchange server 2003 to fix autodiscovery problem.
I think this is our internal problem, and Exchange 2003 does not have autodiscovery service, there must be a way to disable or fix outlook 2007/2010 autodiscovery issue.
I have spent $399.00 to purchase NS protect SSL(basic) from network solution, I do not know whether it is the right solution.  If we can solve this problem internally, we do not need to spend $399.00 to do this from network solution.  I need to your helps.  
I don't even know how to get a new CSR on Exchange 2003.

Please help us, Thank you, Paul
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Sorry to say, you have wasted your money in more ways than one.

Exchange 2003 doesn't use Autodiscover. That is a feature first introduced in Exchange 2007.
However Outlook has no knowledge of the version of Exchange, so will attempt to connect to Autodiscover anyway. Almost certainly you have a wildcard entry in your public DNS, which means that Autodiscover.example.com resolves somewhere - most likely your web host.
A lot of the web control panels support Autodiscover for their own configuration.

You also wasted money on buying a certificate from Network Solutions. They are the most expensive SSL provider on the market and their certificate give you nothing more than the cheaper ones. From GoDaddy or one of their resellers you would have paid less than $80/year.

If you haven't done the CSR, I would get your money back from Network Solutions.
Then in your public DNS, remove the wildcard so that Autodiscover.example.com does not resolve.

Then start looking at migrating off Exchange 2003, which is very old, no longer supported and you will find you cannot use all of the functionality of Outlook 2010 (or any later version of Outlook at all).



Thank you so much, it works, and you save our Money.   We will get a refund from network solution.

Thanks again,