"starts automatically when utility manager starts" for windows 7

In WES2009(Windows XP based), I used to start the on-screen keyboard by using the keyboard shortcut: Winkey + U.
By enabling an option "starts automatically when utility manager starts", in utility manager, this was made possible.
Now in WES7(Windows 7 based), I am not able to do that since the option "starts automatically when utility manager starts" is somehow not provided by Windows 7.
On pressing the key combination "Winkey +U", the "Ease of Access Center" comes up but there is not option to start the tools automatically. Only way is to have another click to start the desired tool.
Does anyone know any option like this on windows 7?

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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
unfortunately it seems you have to run a third-party utility to do this, such as WinKey. see below the details and steps.

bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
you may try to define a custom hot key to start the software keyboard from below location.

BasaveshAuthor Commented:
Thanks bbao for quick reply.
I did try this. I wanted to force the same KB shortcut a shortcut to the osk.exe, but to my dismay, the Winkey cannot be used there to assign a shortcut key.
Since my predecessor product already uses the same key combination, I am bound to use the same.
Any idea if there is a way I could still use the winkey to assign?
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