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VMWARE 5.1 extending the volume in Windows after allocating more space to the VM


We have a vmware environment and we have a server that is in the red space wise.
We have allocated more space in the VMware portal and when we go into windows to extend the volume we are not getting the option to extend.
We have disabled shadow copies on the server drive and still no option to extend.

New to this so any help would be grateful

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windows partition extender does NOT work on System partition.  It will extend other non-system partitions, but won't extend the system.  To extend system use third party software to extend a partition.


This is not a system Partition it is a data share with some 650GB  currently D:\
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems Administrator

windows partition extender does NOT work on System partition

that is only true for windows 2003; the author cited 2008 R2

we are not getting the option to extend

does unallocated space appear after D?  if not, go to action -> rescan disks
if it does show, can you post a screenshot of disk management?
Mr Tortu(r)eSystem Engineer

for windows XP and before, you will need a third party tool. I use extpart executable in command, it usually works very fine and it is fast. A few times I had to boot in safe mode to extend.
For Windows 2008 and more, you don't need anything more.

Once you detected the new available space as described by Set Simmons you go in your disk management, and you will have the option to extend your data logical drive immediately. The partitions need to be adjacent.


Heres the Screen Grab
Sr. Systems Administrator
ok that explains it; it's an extended partition with a logical volume
disk management can't extend the extended partition so you'll need to use a 3rd party tool like partition wizard


Hi Seth

If we use a third party tool will the existing data be preserved in the share ?

Yes, but make sure before you expand it you have a good backup. I normally use a tool like gparted. Boot the server with it and expand the disk.
Jonathan BriteSystem Admin

use easus partition master(EPM).  Its free for non servers and you can do it on the fly without a reboot.