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How to install Java updates through the GPO we have 300 PCs Windows 2012 DC and Windows 7


We have windows 2012 DC and Windows 7. when ever the users log in , they keep getting java update windows asking for a user name and password.
I am familiar with pushing the flash update (msi) through the GPO, whenever adobe releases new updates

But Is there a way to push Java update.Is there a msi for this .
Please post me tutorials to push Java updates through the GPO we have 300 PCs

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Joseph MoodyBlogger and wearer of all hats.
Java has an MSI and you can customize it. Here is an article on how to deploy it:
rajesh shettyServer Support
install Java updates through the GPO Windows 2012 DC and Windows 7
plz Click the link
Distinguished Expert 2018
So the technical answer is yes, you can extract an MSI from the Java installer and install it. The practical answer is, however, that it is error prone. Oracle likes to change things around every few revisions and the flags that worked three months ago don't work anymore. At scale (more than a dozen machines) GPSI just doesn't work well anymore. Microsoft is not investing in improvements and hasn't since 2003, and some applications, like Office, simply can't be deployed by GPSI.

With 300 machines, I'd recommend a more robust application deployment strategy. Specious Deploy is a good low cost solution. SCCM or Kace are good enterprise solutions. Or if you *really* need to pinch pennies, grab a ninite pro subscription and use it in a startup script for Java. All of them. I guarantee, are better options than pushing out Java via GPSI.