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How can I combine Sage Timeslips databases from 2 different computers

In an office there are two separate computers that are running 2010 Sage Timeslips for two different specific people.  The office wants only one person to run the Timeslips accounts so they need to be combined on the one computer.   What file do I import from the second computer into the first so both accounts are running on just the one computer?
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What you designate for one may apply to others. You can import or export. The trick seems to be which account you open before export or import.
For import open the receiver.
Here are some guidelines that may help you.


But can I export the information to a flash drive and then import it to another computer that is running Timeslips, but for another lawyer in the office.  So then one person can run Timeslips for two different lawyers?


The user just decided to use the Timeslips the way it is setup.   Thanks