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Aix Volume group issue

mokkan asked

All of the suddent we can't varyon our vG and getting the following  error.

varyonvg   datavg
lqueryvg: Volume group must be varied on; use varyonvg command.
 /etc/syncvg: Unable to synchronize volume group datavg.

I tried to sync the VG and now I can't even import.

syncvg -v datavg
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Now when I try to import, I am getting the following error message.

0516-1939 : PV identifier not found in VGDA.
0516-780 importvg: Unable to import volume group from hdisk2.
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It's not quite clear to me what you're actually trying to do - varyonvg or importvg?


It seems that "hdisk2" is not a disk belonging to datavg. What do you get with "lspv"?

If the VG is basically known to this node use one of the disks showing "datavg" as their volume group for "importvg -L"

If the VG has never been made known to this system before then go to a node where the VG is known. find the PVID of a disk belonging to datavg, search this ID on the "new" node and use the corresponding hdiskname for importvg.

Or could it be that one of the hdisks making up the VG is not yet known to the node where you're trying to vary on?

Or does the disk which is hdisk2 on one node have a different name on this node?

All of the above imply that the disks are shared between nodes, one way or the other (VIOS?)

What do you see in errpt, by the way?